Sandy’s Adventures

SANDY is a fun loving, inquisitive STARFISH who lives in the ocean kingdom of AQAUDARA. There is so much to love about Aquadara: its dense forests and Glittering Grotto, its magic and mystery, its hordes of hidden treasures. But the greatest of treasure of all to Sandy is a host of wonderful friends!

Full of boundless energy, Sandy is always on the go. Sandy can use his rays to gesture, roll like a wheel, spin like a top or a mini-tornado, zoom through the air like Frisbee and dance, dance, dance!

Sandy has a dream. He yearns to connect with the mysterious land above. He wants to discover the secret of the sparkling “starfish” he sees reflected from the sky at night.

Sandy is never alone, because his buddy, SOLI a magical Sand Dollar is always with him. This glimmering, shimmering circle of light communicates through musical tones and lights which emanate from the holes in his shell. Soli’s only

mission in life is to help Sandy. He supports Sandy’s dreams and the little starfish totally trusts his friend. The two seem to complete one another and they both realize that together, they can accomplish dreams neither would dare to try alone.

Sandy and his friends love to gather around SANA GRANDSTAR, Sandy’s wise grandfather, as he recounts exciting legends and tales. Sandy is especially intrigued with the stories of EARTHLAND, the land above, where there is no water, a terrifying thought to the other sea creatures.

Sandy thinks BIG and is willing to take on anything to reach for his star! When the opportunity arises, he dares to take a chance and finds out the truth about the unknown. Lucky for Sandy, he lands at COLICO COVE,, an idyllic beach on an island, where he meets TALA, a girl who lives on the edge of the ocean.

Sandy forms a deep friendship with Tala and with her help; he encounters many marvels, from sociable sunflowers to soaring sand castles. Tala’s love of nature and music make her a strong presence in Sandy’s life and a true lifeline to him. Sandy soon realizes that his friends were wrong about the creatures of Earthland.

Sandy discovers on land the real star inside, HIS HEART! When he’s feeling strong emotions or when he’s very scared, you can even SEE it beating!

Inevitably, Sandy has adventures on both land and sea. On his return home, Sandy tells his pals about the larger world but they don’t believe him. They’d rather cling to their myths, so they assume he’s stretching the truth.

Still, when Sandy looks up at the reflection from the stars above his heart twinkles, for he knows that friendship and fun have no boundaries.